LabView VI File Format

Online LabView VI Password Recovery Tool

Support version 5.0 up to 2019

For more information about protecting VI Block Diagrams, see the NI Knowledge Base article on this subject: Security of LabVIEW VI Password Protection vs. Removing VI Block Diagrams

This program demonstrates the basic structure of National Instruments(c) LabView(c) file format and how the password protection is working. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this free software! This is just a "Proof of concept". I would be glad if You would contact me (Tomsoftware {at} gmx {dot} de) for any questions, comments or problems about this tool. See source code for additional information. Furthermore you can change/reset the password with this tool.

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Terms of use:
  • You are not allowed to upload copyright files if you do not have the owners permission!
  • Because of technical reasons, Your file is temporally stored (10 minutes) on this Server. After that, all stored data will be deleted.
  • Your access (IP-Address/Date/Time/Page) is being logged by the default web-server-logging (Apache-Web-server).
  • The VI Password-Hash is being searched (e.g. with google) and the plain password is stored for future requests.
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