SLM Process Monitoring

During my master thesis, I worked on monitoring a SLM (Selective Laser Melting) process with a thermographic camera. By solving the Heat equation, with simplifyed boundary conditions, I was able to aproximate the heat flow after melting the powder. So, I was able to distinguish errors during the SLM-process e.g. delamination by measuring the cool down curve of the process-zone.
SLM Process Monitoring
(a) Temperature measurement in the process; (b) Generated indicator image (in this example the maximum); (c) saving one indicator image every Layer; (d) using the Image stack to post evaluate the process like a CT scan.

My master theses (German)

[Masterarbeit_Zeugner.pdf (5MB)] Thermografische Charakterisierung eines Laserstrahlschmelzprozesses bei Metallwerkstoffen