EOS File Formats and Specification

The EOS GmbH company uses some proprietary formats with their PSW Software (machines Types M270, M280, ...). During my thesis I figured out some of these formats.

sli and job file viewer

.SLI Slice Format

The Slice Layer Interface (SLI) uses a proprietary binary File Format to store the Sliced Layer Data. This format based on the binary version of the CLI([backup link] cli format) (Common Layer Interface) format. It adds a special Index-Table on the end of the file to fast access the layer data. You can find a demo implementation on GitHub

.JOB File Format

For storing build-properties like position, rotation, exposure, heating and protective gas setup the PSW Software uses a text-based hierarchical .INI like format. You can find a demo implementation on GitHub

EOSlog Database Access

The EOS PSW software uses a database (IBM DB2) to provide job and machine states for other software-tools like EOState. The login and password to access the database is the same for all machine of M-Series. There are two users LogDBUser and LogDBAdmin.
A list with all (known by me) table-names can be found in [eoslog_tablenames.txt 1KB]

Cause IBM DB2 depends on users and rights of the operating system (e.g. Windows) the LogDBAdmin user is also local System-Administrator on the SLM-computer. EOS does not allow the user to change these passwords so all machines use the same administrator password. This is a real security issue for all EOS Systems.
(I have informed EOS about the problem on Sep. 2013 - they did not provide any solution yet 2015)